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Monday, April 14, 2014

Caring About the Careless.

Dealing with and coping with careless lovedones is very very hard. How do you trust someone that have hurt you with your pain and let them back into your heart?

Recently a very sick person got an invitation to visit with family that have hereto showed absolutely no support and only contempt for the sickness and this person, and really do not know the extent of the person's suffering and degree of illness. To go or not was the issue?

My reply:

Q: do you want to prove you were RIGHT or do you want to WIN (something / anything from them)???

Ask yourself exactly WHAT you want from your family: aknowledgement/love/support/??? And can they give that? Do they know what you need? Do you? 

Personally, I would think of your visit as an opportunity to educate "strangers" factually about the reality of [your problem/illness]. 

People cannot be sympathetic / understand something they don't have any experience with. I say go, but don't fake / tweak anything. Be YOURSELF. If u puke, so be it. If u don't that's great too. Be true to yourself.

Also sometimes we need to show people what we need from them and that we need them. It is hard to do, letting uncaring folk into your heartstrust. Do try though and show them forgiveness and compassion first, by going, and you might be surprized. They might need you too. Show them what it means to really CARE about family and DON'T EVER give up on people. We are all flawed and need reminding of how to be better people.

Just don't be too emotially invested in any of them or set yourself up by expecting anything from them. That way, if they do come through for you, it will be a happy surprize.

You are worthy of respect and love, from yourself and others. 

May honesty and kindness be your armour and love your sword. Best wishes for a win on this battlefield.


© 2014. Lizette De Klerk.

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